Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer: General Electric
Type: FVNR Starter
State: Open
Nema Rating: 1
Catalog #: CR306C002
Amps: 27
Voltage: 10HP @ 480V
Coil Voltage: 120V Coil
Size: 1

Price: $0.00

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This CR306C002 has been reconditioned to meet industry standards. Any reconditioned unit is tested by one of our trained technicians using modern testing equipment and is backed by our full 1 year replacement warranty. When you purchase circuit breakers or other electrical equipment from Circuit Breaker City, whether its new, obsolete, or reconditioned, you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality equipment possible.


If you would like to order a new CR306C002, please call us at (855) 677-7773 for pricing and availability.



All of our CR306C002s are backed by our full 1 year replacement warranty. Whether you purchase a new or reconditioned product from us the warranty will always apply.